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We like to approach each client as an individual and realize that not everyone responds to the same style of eating or certain foods. Because there is no one size to fit all solution, we work with a client to determine what works for them. Needs are different and there are many ways to tackle dietary issues.


We would be willing to discuss any nutritionally-balanced program as a possibility for your special dietary needs, or would be happy to speak to your doctor or nutritionist regarding dietary goals for you or a member of your family.



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Focus on fruit, vegetables, whole grains, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, legumes and nuts.

Red meat  is consumed at a minimum, and fish and poultry a few times a week. Raw and fermented dairy are included.






Helps eliminate and avoid foods that cause internal systemic inflammation

and may contribute to autoimmune and metabolic conditions.






Eliminates short chain carbohydrates in foods that can ferment during digestion. It is

often used to determine triggers for IBS and other gastrointestinal distress. Foods that are eliminated can gradually be added back to test if they are the irritant.




Anti Candida

A diet based on controlling yeast, this program reduces or eliminates specific food items that trigger internal inflammatory yeast overgrowth





 Please check with your physician before starting any diet/program.




Coconut Cake In Home Catering PartyIndonesian Salad for Dinner PartyHoppin John for Private Dinner Party

Soft Cheese for In Home Catering Party in Boston, MA

Creme Brulee Trio for Plated Dinner Party





Gluten Free


We get many requests for gluten free preparation. Some clients have celiac and others are gluten intolerant. As we cook from scratch we are able to control what goes in and avoid wheat and other ingredients that contain gluten or are derived from a gluten bearing source. Fortunately many alternative ingredients are available and we love working with them to come up with the best solutions.



Lower Fat-Healthy Fats

In keeping with health trends, about 90 % of our clients request that we prepare their menus as lower fat or with healthier fats. We work to modify Classic & Ethnic recipes to lighter or healthy fat versions. We are able to use clean oils like avocado, ghee, olive oil, and coconut oil. If a client prefers they can request leaner cuts of meat and lower fat dairy.





Program focuses on getting back to some dietary basics such as vegetables, fruits, nuts &
seeds, grass fed and pastured meat and poultry, fatty fish, and oils from nuts, animal fats, avocado oil, and olive oil. Includes low to minimal dairy.




High protein and low carb diet mirroring the diet of traditional hunter/gatherers. Contains many of the same items as Paleo but encourages raw, whole fat dairy, minimal sugar and is low in refined carbohydrates.