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Great cooking starts with fresh ingredients.  We go to great lengths to find the best and most authentic products available & utilize several purveyors for seafood, beef, lamb, pork, poultry,
and fresh produce, including,  Whole Foods Markets, Wilson Farms in Lexington, Russo's in Watertown, Wild Harvest/Star Supermarkets, Trader Joe's, Penzey Spices in Arlington, and a number of seasonal farms located in Metro West, The North Shore, and other parts of Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts.










We are a versatile personal chef service blending a wide variety of styles, flavors, and ethnic cuisines.  Our favorite hobby is researching new recipes & cuisines to present to our clientele.


It is our long held belief that food should be as close to its fresh & natural state as possible. When we shop we go out of our way to choose products that are non-genetically modified, & free from MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, soy fillers, and preservatives.  Even in our conventional plans utilize organic canola oil, olive oil & butter, organic grains, and organic eggs, and breadcrumbs free from fillers & soy.


For salt we choose Celtic Sea Salt and Real Salt. These flavorful salts are chemical-free, taste great, and offer high levels of trace mineral nutrients.    |     (781) 640-9216


Whole Foods Market

The worlds largest retailer of natural & organic foods. We love almost everything about them, including the variety of products that crop up all over the stores. When I want to find out which fish I should stay away from because of over fishing- I check with them first



Trader Joe's

Several Markets in Greater Boston, and Parts of Eastern, MA.  They do not have everything, but what they do have is of excellent quality, and reasonably priced.  Lots of organic items- fresh and frozen



Wilson Farms


A very popular farm in Lexington, MA. Wonderful produce, meat, baked goods, and lots of fresh seasonal items. This farm has been around since the late 1800's



Penzey Spices


We are very fortunate to have this spice and herb retail store open up in Arlington, MA (right next door to us). 





Watertown's not so secret treasure trove of fresh produce, artisan, domestic, and imported cheese, high-end baked goods, and unique grocery items we have never seen anywhere but there. Along with gorgeous seasonal selections, it has a large variety of Asian, Spanish, & South American fruits and vegetables



Organic & Local Markets



- A Few Places We Shop for Groceries in Greater Boston -



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