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A Fresh Endeavor Personal Chef Service is a private chef service company in Lexington, Massachusetts. Chef/owners Dennis Nosko and Christine Robinson have been serving clients throughout the Greater Boston, Massachusetts metropolitan area since 1999. They feature conventional and organic options, gluten-free/paleo/low FODMAP, and small dinner parties. A Fresh Endeavor Personal Chef Service is a member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association.




Milford Daily News - Cooking with a personal touch

When personal chefs Christine Robinson and Dennis Nosko prepared a roast goose with brandy glaze and prune dressing, they knew it would be a holiday feast their clients would never forget.

"The thing we hear most is, 'I actually get to sit down and enjoy my family because everything is done,'" said Robinson, a Lexington resident who runs A Fresh Endeavor.

She and Nosko, also of Lexington, started the business five years ago. Nosko, who is also her boyfriend, has 25 years of professional culinary experience. The pair serves clients in towns including Southborough, Natick, Lexington, Newton and many others.

Around the holidays, the couple, who bring their own supplies and ingredients to people's homes, continue to cook on their clients' regular schedule, as well as accommodate special holiday requests.




The Christian Science Monitor  Door- To- Door Gourmet  


"You come home from work frazzled, fatigued, and above all, famished.  And what's for supper? Two-day old pepperoni pizza or leftover takeout Chinese?  Not tonight. Instead, there's a choice of Grilled Salmon in Caper-Dijon Sauce, Middle Eastern Lamb Ragout With Apricots, or Wild Mushroom Risotto With Grilled Chicken, all prepared by professional chefs Too good to be true? Dennis Nosko and Christine Robinson, co-owners of A Fresh Endeavor - a Boston-based business that's part of the growing personal chef industry - are willing to stock your fridge with these and other such delicacies"




Meridian In-Flight Magazine  Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinner


Healthier eating is a good reason, but I'm also bored with what I know how to cook. Wendy Besch from Needham says her husband was really bored with the Roman Noodles and cooked chicken she kept bringing home from the grocery store. "He read a magazine article about personal chefs," she says. "Now, once month,  Chef Dennis of A Fresh Endeavor prepares six servings of six different menus. The plain cooked chicken I used to buy at the grocery store has turned into orange roasted game hen, or southwest tomatillo chicken in Chef Dennis' hands. He also offers seafood like monkfish with mirin and greens or poached salmon in caper sauce. This concept is brilliant."



Wicked Local.comA Fresh Endeavor to find a substitute chef is a big success

The Wellesley Newcomers' monthly Wine and Dine events are among the most popular of the club's activities, especially when there's a guest chef. So, it was no surprise the Jan. 14 event was a sell-out.  Unfortunately, the chef had to cancel on the morning of the dinner because of a serious illness in the family.Alison Resnick, one of the coordinators for the Wine and Dine group, called Molly Reza, vice president of Newcomers, to let her know about the cancellation. Reza told her she'd call Jessica Langerman, hostess for the evening.Amazingly, Langerman said that she might be able to come up with a chef. She did, and saved the evening.


 Mother's Little Helper - Families Rely On Personal Chefs When There’s “No Time To Cook

Personal chef Christine Robinson is more than just a cook— she changes people’s unhealthy lives.
Personal chefs create meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients. they will prepare dozens of meals at a pop, and freeze them to give busy families an alternative to TV dinners or takeout. a personal chef can also help people who need a diabetic diet, or one that is low-salt, -cholesterol or -trans fat and  saturated fat, stay on track with their special nutritional needs.


Cafe Meeting Place - APPCA Presents Awards of Excellence at Personal Chef Summit


The American Personal & Private Chef Association (APPCA) recently honored four chefs with Awards of Excellence at the 2013 APPCA Personal Chef Summit at Stratford University in Baltimore.

The following received recognition from Candy Wallace, founder and executive director of the APPCA, at the conference’s awards luncheon on Oct. 12: