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Whether you are planning a small dinner party, casual barbecue, holiday celebration, or hors d'oeuvre party, our private in home catering chefs Dennis & Christine will make your day most memorable.  We offer personalized service with food prepared in your kitchen the day of the party.  You have the option of selecting dishes from our extensive lists, or have our chefs develop menu choices that are customized to suit your specific needs.

Our extensive menus have selections from most countries and regions in the world. To make our dishes as authentic as possible we shop in several ethnic markets and special order products to be shipped to our home in the Greater Boston area.












We prepare Thai, Indonesian, and Indian curries, fruit and fiery salsas, braised dishes from most regions on the globe, organic whole grains, a variety of legumes, Southern grits & cornbread, Caribbean & Louisiana creoles, West Indian rubs, Moroccan Tagines, New England seafood, a wide variety of ethnic marinades, & barbecues to keep things fun and exciting.




Chef Dennis Nosko is professionally trained with over 20 years experience in restaurants, hotels, and resorts in the Pacific Northwest, New York City, Rhode Island, on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, and most recently at a few restaurants and caterers in Greater Boston, MA.

Check out our website for some of our recently catered parties, including step by step details on how our Boston Area Catering Services work. 






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What is an In-home
Catering Service?

We specialize in smaller parties from 6 - 40 people, depending on the style of service, and the complexity of the function.

Our chefs come into your home the day of the event, and prepare all the food in your kitchen.  Nothing is pre-cooked in an outside facility.

We want everything to be as fresh as possible. Every item is hand selected by the chefs of A Fresh Endeavor. If we do
not find what we are looking for, or the quality is not to
our standards then we will
go off to other markets to
get what we need.



What if I am having a private party and need help Cooking?

We realize that our chefs are not the only ones who like to cook, and that help with a party often relieves some of the stress for the host.

We work well with others, and have no issue either helping out or giving instruction while preparing, assembling, and replenishing the food.




What if I want a home catering gift certificate?


We can create a complete package using any of our service plans, and adding the grocery fee for the number of meals you would like prepared.


Also, check out our In Home Catering Set Dinner Pricing




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