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How Our In Home Catering Works


The first step is the Party Assessment which can take place over the phone
or at the home of the client.  During this time we discuss specific event details--
including the catered party theme, style of service, dietary restrictions, and begin
to develop the menu for the function.  The assessment also gives us a chance
to see the layout of your kitchen.

Next we finalize-- the details of the menu, how many staff are needed
for the event, the amount of time the chefs will need prior to actual service,
and any other specific details required to make your party a great success.

The morning of the cook session, we shop fresh for all the ingredients
needed to create your selections. We come to your kitchen with our own
professional equipment, and start cooking.  If we are only preparing dishes
to be served by the host, then we will discuss all heating and holding details
with the host and their staff. If we are serving the function then one chef will
serve the food depending on the style of service required.  We will clean up all
of our mess and leave you a clean kitchen.

Payment for the event is in two phases.  First a deposit of $350.00 is required
to hold the cook date.  This must arrive 3 weeks prior to the event.* Should you
desire to cancel the function, it must be done no later than 10 days prior to
the event, or the deposit is non-refundable*.

The remaining amount is due the day of the cook session.  We do not
include gratuity in the bill, but do appreciate it where appropriate.




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